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To ensure your data is secure from the Internet, B2B has developed a range of security options for any budget and any network.

Biometric Hand Scanners

Biometric scanners in the office are becoming more and more popular as we grow into an age of advanced technology, especially with security systems, which are becoming more and more difficult to fool.

What Is A Biometric Scanner?

Biometrics is an automated method that recognises somebody based on behavioural or physiological characteristics. Features such as the eyes, fingerprints, the face, iris, veins, handwriting and voice recognition are all used in biometric scanners. All biometric data cannot be reverse engineered and cannot be stolen to access information.

Where Are Biometric Scanners Used?

Biometric scanners are used in high-security facilities such as banks, and can also be used to secure wings in hospitals, businesses, schools, and large corporations. Biometric scanners are also known to be used in airports, cars, and blood banks.

What Are Biometric Scanners Used For?

Biometric technology is not new but as a technology it is becoming more and more recognised and widespread amongst businesses all around the world. It is already active in many buildings to keep certain information and high authority rooms secure using biometrics and human recognition systems.

How To Install Biometric Scanner?

It is better if you let the professionals install any biometric technology for you, such as biometric hand scanners, just in case you make a mistake. Here at B2B Secure.It we have been installing biometric devices for years and we are sure we can service your needs.

How Does Biometric Scanner Work?

A typical scanner uses a light-sensitive microchip (either a CCD, charge-coupled device, or a CMOS image sensor) to produce a digital image. The computer analyses the image automatically, selecting just the fingerprint (for instance), and then uses sophisticated pattern-matching software to turn it into a code.

How Much Do Biometric Scanners Cost?

The scanners themselves can vary in price to a couple of hundred pounds to over £1,000 and upwards. It all depends on how much quality and security you want to pay for. If you want to know how much we charge for fitting them then please get in touch on 0333 366 0077 today for a FREE quote.

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