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To ensure your data is secure from the Internet, B2B has developed a range of security options for any budget and any network.

Biometric Door Locks

What Is A Biometric Door Lock?

A biometric lock uses an optical or thermal scanner to read and memorise your fingerprint (and the fingerprints of other authorised users who you decide should have access to your home).

Opening a biometric door lock is typically a two-step process. First, press your fingertip—or hand—to the scanner, and the device identifies your unique characteristics. Next, you type an authentication code into a keypad to open the lock.

How To Install Biometric Door Locks?

It is better to hire a professional commercial and industrial door lock specialist just in case you fit it wrongly and damage the mechanism. Our professional engineers have years of experience in fitting biometric door locks to a number of residential, commercial and industrial properties throughout the North West.

How Does Biometric Door Lock Work?

They operate by scanning your fingerprint, which converts your fingerprint data into a numerical template. If the number matches, you gain access. On the first time of using it the biometric fingerprint scanner read and stores your data in the same numerical format, therefore only you can gain access to the property using your unique fingerprints.

How Secure Are Biometric Door Locks?

Well, only you can gain access through the door using your fingerprint, but burglars can gain access in more ways than one, so it is important if you are planning on ramping up your security that you consider extra alternatives as well as a biometric door lock to keep the intruders out.

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Crime Reduction

Proven to reduce crime rates by up to 37%


Paxton Door Access

Manage just one door up to 100s of doors with 10,000 users


British Standard BS5839

We fit all of our fire alarm systems in accordance with British Standard BS5839


We can see a concrete improvement in the way we are doing business and in the responsiveness from our systems thanks to B2B’s ongoing security support. Security technology is a silent protector behind our company. Claire Lloyd

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